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   News 2012:  

 Jannuary 2012: Consulint has been Pre-qualified for the predisposition of proposal for the Design and Supervision Services for Water and Sanitation schemes in in the focal towns of Nyagatare, Kayonza and Nyanza
 January 2012: Consulint has been Qualified as an eligible firm for the submitted technical evaluation and it is waiting for the opening of the financial proposal about Consultancy services to prepare designs, tender documents and supervise refurbishment of the proposed civil service college (CSC)
 January 2012: The study for the Sewerage Master Plan of Mauritius has been completed in association with SGI- Studio Galli Ingegneria S.p.A. as leader and by funds from the African Development Bank.
 December 2011: Consulint has been Pre-qualified for the predisposition of proposal for Supervision of Rehabilitation/ Extension of Mombasa Water Supply Works – Lot I
 December 2011: Signed the pre-agreement with UNRA, it has been gone on the Design  Review and Work Supervision of upgrading from gravel to paved standard  of Hoima-Kaiso-Tonya Road.
 June 2011: Signed the pre-agreement with TANROADs, it has been gone on the Design Review and Work Supervision of the upgrading of Namtumbo-Tunduru road to Bitumen standard: lot A: Namtumbo – Kalimesera.
 June 2011:The study about the preparation of a master plan for water supply in the River Niger territory was completed in association with SGI- Studio Galli Ingegneria S.p.A. as leader and by funds from the World Bank.





CONSULINT S.r.l. is an independent design firm founded in Italy in 1965 originating from engineering design firms operating in Latin America since 1948. These design firms were established, owned, and managed by the current owners and Managing board of CONSULINT.

This means that CONSULINT’s expertise in projects reaches back almost 50 years representing, whether in the Italian or international engineering context, an outstanding example of operational continuity, especially for work abroad.

Such an experience, and the consequent familiarity with the development problems of a great number of Latin American, African, and Asian countries gives CONSULINT a real technical-economic depth and a global outlook to the Managing board.

Therefore, prior to tackling engineering problems and interventions, CONSULINT takes into consideration and analyses the geopolitical, cultural, social, and economic aspects of the country requiring design work. Further, it checks the operational capabilities of the country’s institutional framework so as to give local technical know-how and the local administration the maximum  scope within, and ownership of the programs to be undertaken and managed.

To that end, CONSULINT promotes – whenever possible – joint work with local consultants by either establishing permanent branch offices abroad or creating ad-hoc joint-ventures.

In this way CONSULINT tends to follow a coherent “historical cycle” of analyzing development problems, commenced in the countries of Latin America, continued in countries of  Africa and Asia hoping to reach  a point where we can work as equals with engineering firms in all countries.