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CONSULINT S.r.l., a global leader in engineering design and infrastructure development, has been operating in Italy since 1965. Owned and managed by Goffredo de Pascale and Fabio Nigrelli, the company developed from the acquisition of a site construction firm active in Latin America since 1948. CONSULINT offers technical expertise and advanced engineering design services to cover all the phases of a project implementation, including: analysis and feasibility studies, planning, design, project supervision and execution.

Our Values

Sustainable development and people empowerment are at the core of our business model and objectives. While working on a global scale, CONSULINT promotes the adoption of a localisation model through the installation of new branch offices and the creation of ad-hoc joint-ventures across Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. CONSULINT’s activities embrace a client-oriented approach based on mutual trust and accountability. We believe in the creation of solid long-term relationships with our customers and partners which enable us to serve the society in an efficient and ethically responsible manner.

Our values, which have shaped CONSULINT’s vision since its inception, are one of the several competitive advantages offered by the company as well as the keystone of its past and future success

We invest in local operations and grow local talents. By promoting expertise among our employees, we benefit local communities and enhance CONSULINT’s capacity to deliver projects worldwide

We provide technical assistance infrastructure and engineering management solutions that maximise the profitability of our customers and partners.

Our flexible and decentralised structure ensures that employees maintain an ethical behaviour and personal integrity in all the stages of the project implementation.

We aspire to accomplish all project and office activities in an eco-friendly manner. We strive to identify and prevent any risks connected to infrastructure development that may impact negatively on the environment

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