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CONSULINT S.r.l. is an Italian engineering management and consultancy company currently owned and managed by Goffredo de Pascale and Fabio Nigrelli. Working independently from any site construction firm and industrial group, the company represents an exceptional example of operational continuity in the field since 1965, at both national and international levels. 

Brennero Motorway
Brennero Motorway
Italy (1971)

Our 50 years experience includes a wide range of infrastructure projects which contribute to the sustainable economic and urban development of Latin America, African and Asian countries. This experience ensures that our team possesses rare technical skills, as well as a solid social and economic knowledge, which are crucial to the implementation of new engineering projects worldwide. 

Vittorio Veneto Bypass
Vittorio Veneto Bypass
Italy (2014)

Self-sufficiency is a keyword to understand CONSULINT’s global mission. Prior to proposing engineering solutions, CONSULINT seeks to create networking and synergies with other Italian and foreign companies. When working transitionally, we take into consideration the economic and social framework within which the partners companies and institutions involved operate. For example, we monitor their operational and administrative capabilities to undertake ownership of the project in the future. By prioritising a transference of skills to the local communities we work with, this methodology allows our company to offer efficient and sustainable projects which positively impact individuals across continents. 

Hoima-Tonya Road
Hoima-Tonya Road
Uganda (2015)

Over the years, our technological and methodological apparatus have been coupled with both building and design abilities. Our computer oriented efficiency has enabled us to work in a flexible and decentralised manner while increasing the number of projects assigned outside Italy. Our expertise covers the entire range of analysis and feasibility studies, planning, design, supervision and implementation works, consultancy, restoration and renovation services involved in different civil engineering fields.


Providing top level quality projects and ensuring costs reducing solutions through sharpening our scientific, technological and financial expertise.

Proposing innovative civil engineering solutions which facilitate methodologies and technology transfers from developed countries to least developed ones.

Guaranteeing economic, social and environmental sustainability through the integration of local experts in all the stages concerning a project. This includes studies about how the project will directly and/or indirectly impact the hosting countries from an economic, social and environmental perspective.


During our history, we have been active in several countries between
Africa, Latin America, Asia, Pacific and Europe
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